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Our double side cloth tapes are designed for stack type flexo printing presses where they offer remarkable holding strength between the roller and stereo. They are suitable for use up to 3 times. Can also be used for medium heavy double side tape applications. Woven cotton cloth, double sided with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive. The product is supplied on an easy-release paper liner.

Applications of Double Side Cloth Tapes:
  • For Stereo mounting in stack type flexo machines
  • For medium heavy double side applications
  • Temporary mounting for assembly or machining operations
  • Print plate mounting
  • Carpet installation where a more aggressive adhesive is required
Product Benefits:
Adhesive provides good shear resistance
Leaves no residue upon removal

Physical Properties:
Total Thickness:300 microns
Adhesive Thickness: 200 microns
ADHESIVE TEST DATA: Peel Adhesion: (PSTC 1 Mod.)
Initial to S.S. (20 min. @ RT) 800g/inch
Tensile Strength: (ASTM D-1000) 175g/inch

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